• kmx l3
  • when i insert my 4232-l3 in slot 2 or 3 of 4006,the POST is ok but i can't session into the layer 3 config mode.in 4,5,6 it's all ok.what's wrong with it? Try consoling into the L3 module while it's in slot 4, 5, and 6 to see if the module is up. Also does it display any message when you type in "session x"?I want to set up a wireless network, running together with our wired network, which uses the same VLAN`s as our wired networks. I`ve setting up, in a lab environment, the following: 1 2621 – interVLAN routing connecting via a trunk to a 4006 connecting to the AP via a trunk port. I `ve confirmed the following:This does`nt work, but if i change the switch port (the port to the AP) to for an example VLAN 3 it works (and it works to ping the subinterfaces on the 2621 router, where the VLAN`s resides.I`ve read the white papers on the 1100 series AP, but I get the impression that (and when I look at the pictures, the pictures shows “trunks” between a AP and a L3 switch) trunking is supported. But is that the same trunking technique as it is between 2 switches? Or is it something “special”? What I mean is if I can`t do the “usual” trunking between a switch port and a AP, I will end up spending up a lot of subnets of our IP network.What i found out was: the only way (at least i think so) to avoid spending up a lot of ip addresses is to do the following: configure the AP according the "cisco" way and create a BVI interface reflecting the VLAN`s that you created. For example: let`s say that you got 3 VLAN`s - 3,4 and 5, first configure it as it is done on the Cisco web site and then add (without any ip adresses): BVI 3, BVI 4 and BVI 5. After i did this, it worked without any problems